We are committed to making rooms look fantastic with quality crafted drapes and blinds using the best quality components and delivered with a professional service.

Roman Blind

Roman Blind – Classic blind available with either a standard cord or chain mechanism pulley system. Blinds can be even stacked, layered or stacked behind the first fold. The spines are generally at the back of the blind but can be placed in front on request.

Roman Blinds

French Pleat

French Pleat – Triple Pleat. Equally spaced triple pleated heading. For optimal results it requires a minimum of 120% fullness. Stacks well, classic curtain style.

French Pleat Drapes

Single Pleat

Single Pleat – New York Pleat. Equally spaced single forward pleat. Can use as little as 70% fabric fullness. Modern streamlined curtain style. Best stacking style.

Single Pleated Drapes

Gathered Tapes

Gathered Tapes – Can be 25mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm tape gathered to suit width of track. Best suited to at least 100% fullness but can use any fullness that is specified. Stacks into a larger area. Benefit is that they sit flat when stacked back so well on a secondary track.

Gathered Drapes

Twin Pleat

Twin Pleat – Double Pleat/Dutch Pleat. Equally spaced double pleated heading requiring no less than 80% fullness. Stacks well, classic curtain style.

Twin Pleated Drapes